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Increte Delay / Trowel Glide


Increte Delay/Trowel Glide forms a monomolecular invisible film to prevent the rapid loss of moisture from the concrete surface during high temperatures, extreme wind, and low humidity.  It reduces the chances of cracking due to these quick drying conditions. It is an easy-to-use water-base finishing aid used to smooth concrete finishes

Increte Delay/Trowel Glide negates the need for extra mixing water and aids in the proper application of dry shake-on hardeners.  It will not affect the bonding of cures or coatings, nor alter the final color of the concrete.


CIDE G001 000    1 Gal. (3.8L) Bottle
CIDE G005 000    5 Gal.(18.9L) Pail





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